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What are the benefits of treatment
The therapy stimulates the body’s natural self-healing process. There is actually an immediate reduction of pain and improved range of motion. ESWT may also eliminate your need for surgery.
How long does the treatment last?
Approximately 2000 shocks are administered per treatment are (the duration of which is approximately 5 minutes). Some patients and/or conditions require more shocks and duration, depending on severity and chronicity and location(s) of the condition(s). Any necessary increase will be discussed with you beforehand.
What are the treatment costs?

Typical treatments cost £120. However, a treatment may cost more, depending on the number of shocks required and delivered. The number of hits depends on the severity, chronicity and location(s) of the condition(s). Any necessary increases will be discussed

How many treatment will i need?
Normally three treatments are necessary at weekly intervals; there is a small possibility that 2 or more additional may be necessary if your condition is very chronic. Should you not respond in this time, your case will be reviewed by the podiatrist to determine an appropriate referral. Success rates with ESWT are unparalleled (over 80=90% improvement).
Does the treatment hurt?
It is a short treatment (usually five to twenty minutes) that may be fairly uncomfortable. However, most people are able to easily tolerate it. However, if you cannot tolerate it, adjustments on the machine can decrease the pressure you feel.
Will it hurt after treatment?
There may or may not be immediate pain, but some discomfort may be experienced 2-4 hours after the treatment. In some cases it can last up to 48 hours and in very rare cases, the pain lasted up to 5 days. Some bruising and swelling can occur.
What about pain after the treatment?
The shockwave will trigger an inflammatory response, which is the body’s natural process of healing. For this reason, do not use anti-inflammatory medications. Do not use ice. The pain should subside within 24 hours.
What if it feels good after the treatment?
Even if it feels good, we recommend decreased activity for 48 hours following the treatment.
Is treatment covered by insurance?
If you have insurance you will want to ask your provider about the requirements of your coverage. You will be invoiced under Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for treatment.
What is the success rate of treatment?
A successful treatment is considered as a patient having at least 75% reduction in pain within 3 months. Worldwide, success rate are around 80 to 90%.
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