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If you are paying your own account then you will normally be required to make a payment at the time of treatment.  The centre accepts all major credit cards, cash and personal cheque with a banker’s card.

If you are claiming from your health insurance you need  to contact them before you come to centre they may allocate a claim number for us and a claims form for you to hand over to the consultant for his signature. You may have limits on your policy, or excesses that you need to check first. It is vital that you confirm cover before you commit yourself to the bill. Full insurance details must be given to the centre registration staff at or before time of treatment for direct settlement. While the centre will invoice your insurance company, it is your responsibility to ensure that claims are processed promptly. Should insurer decline payment, you will be invoiced for immediate settlement.

Self funded packages are available, please enquire for more information.

Some insurers will not cover the cost of items such as medicines or crutches or splints, because they are classed as aides to mobility. The cost of which needs to be settled directly by yourself.

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