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The way in which foot bones function in relation to each other and the leg, determines the functional capabilities of the foot whilst walking. The podiatrist takes a series of measurements of the feet and legs to assess the relationship. An assessment of muscle flexibility is also undertaken as this will affect leg and foot function. The podiatrist will then be able to determine the best positions of the leg and foot to enable them to function more efficiently.
Biomechanical analysis provides information on alignment of the foot and leg. We must also consider the way in which the foot functions during walking and running, this can be achieved to an extent by watching the patient walk or run, however, finer points of motion are too fast for the naked eye. We use a video and a treadmill to record the walking pattern. This can then be played back for a more detailed analysis. This analysis is particularly important for sportsmen or women or patients suffering back pain.
Edser orthotic labs has developed the first complete orthotic diagnostic centre.  The system is built around true 3D scanning to create a digital cast for for custom made orthotic manufacture.
The plate facilitates orthotics therapy by the ability to pin-point high pressure areas off load.
ORTHOSES Abnormal foot function cause many foot, leg and back problems. The abnormalities can be quite obvious or very subtle. However, as the average person takes about 5,000 steps per day, even the minor abnormalities repeated thousands of times cause pain. Thus, orthoses (inserts) are provided to prevent abnormal foot function. We provide three different types of orthoses.
  • Simple ‘chairside’ (made while you wait) devices. These provide basic support and give us an idea whether orthoses will alleviate your problem.
  • Preformed (ready made) orthoses which provide minimal/standard degree of control.
  • Custom made orthoses. These are made from either a plaster of paris impressions of your feet or directly from a force plate.
FLOPTHOTICS Everyone loves flip flops but the lack of support is unhealthy for feet, knees, hips & backs.Custom made flip flops provide feet the support and correction they need.
CUSTOM MADE FOOTBEDS Custom made footbeds can be used in Naot sandals and clogs. These can be swapped between different Naot sandals so your feet can always be supported. By adding custom made sandals orthotic therapy hours can increase by up to 50%

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