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Chiropody & Podiatry​

We offer full scope of podiatric and chiropodial treatments such as:

Skin Problems
Hard skin, corns, dry and cracked heels.

They are caused by a virus (Human papilloma virus) which is the same family responsible for warts.

In many cases they resolve spontaneously without treatment. Verrucae which are spreading or persistent may require treatment.

There are many options for treatment of verrucae. At the foot and ankle centre we find the following types of treatment generally offer good results.

1. Various chemical treatments on a weekly basis for up to 4-8 weeks or more.
2. Freezing  cryotherapy on a weekly basis for up to 5 weeks.
3. (i) Laser therapy– non invasive painfree treatment, ideal for young children and nervous adults.
3. (ii) Invasive laser utilising ND YAG Laser
4. Electrocautry Under local anaesthetic, a special machine is used to accurately burn the infected skin.
5. Dry needling under anaesthetic.

Fungal Infections
Athletes foot, thickened/discoloured nails.

Fungal nails are treated with various topical applications thick nails are filed using an electric drill. In some cases nail is totally removed under local anaesthetic to achieve a quicker resolution.

Laser therapy is also available – A pain free solution to an unsightly problem

Nail Problems
Thick, distorted and bruised nails.

Ingrowing Toe Nails
Conservative treatment is often adequate but, in severe and long standing cases minor surgery under local anaesthetic offers a permanent solution.

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