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Routine Care appointment Cost £48
Initial Consultation Podiatry £120
Initial Consultation (Podiatric Surgeon) £220
Follow up Podiatry Consultation £60

Shockwave Therapy £120
Ultrasound Guided Corticosteroid Injection £295
Ultrasound Guided Hyaluronic Acid Injection £350
Biomechanical Evaluation and Gait Analysis £220

Home Visits £70
Richie Brace £895
Expert Witness £280 (per hour)
Report Writing £40 (per 15 minutes)
Custom Orthotic Package Fee £390 (includes fitting appointment and 6 week follow up). Second pair £250

Toe Nail Surgery Package Fee
£450 one toe £800 two toes (£150 per subsequent toe)
The package includes the surgical procedure including local anaesthetic and 2 follow up appointments

Electrocautry (Excision of Verrucae) from £220
Botox for sweaty feet from £375
Dermal Fillers £295 per area

What can I expect from an podiatry consultation?

New Patient Form
Prior to attending, please ensure that you fill out the new patient form.

Medical History Review
The podiatrist will begin by confirming your identify and discussing your medical history, including any previous foot or lower limb problems, surgeries, or relevant medical conditions. The Podiatry team may ask about your lifestyle, activity levels, and footwear choices. Your personal data will be checked against your medical record and stored for 7 years.

Symptoms and Concerns
You will have the opportunity to describe your current symptoms and concerns regarding your feet or lower limbs. This may include pain, discomfort, mobility issues, skin or nail conditions, or any other specific problems you are experiencing.

Physical Examination
Examination and treatment is person specific.  Generally, our podiatrists will conduct a thorough physical examination of your feet and lower limbs. They will assess the skin, nails, muscles, joints, and overall foot structure. They may perform specific tests to assess your range of motion, strength, and any abnormal foot mechanics.

Diagnostic Tests
If necessary, the podiatry team may recommend additional diagnostic tests to aid in the diagnosis. This could include MRI, X-rays, ultrasound scans, blood tests, or other imaging techniques to gather more information about your condition.  We can arrange private diagnostic tests and some clinicians within the clinic can utilise on-site diagnostic ultrasound to interpret your condition.

Based on the examination findings and diagnostic tests (if performed), the podiatrist will provide you with a working diagnosis and discuss treatment options. We will try to explain your condition, its underlying causes, and potential implications. Our Podiatry team will outline the various treatment options available to you and discuss the expected outcomes of each approach

Treatment and recommendations
Skin and nail treatment is usually undertaken within the initial consultation, if required.  The podiatrist will discuss your next steps which may include; nail surgery, minor surgical procedures, continued conservative management or referral to the Foot Health Practitioner team for general foot care.  If you are attending with a bone, joint, ligament, walking or activity related injury then the podiatry team will discuss steps to reduce pain and improve function.  This may include; diagnostic tests, injection therapy, shockwave therapy, rehabilitation, footwear modifications, MSK analysis, gait analysis, orthotics or referral.  If necessary, we may discuss the possibility of more invasive interventions, such as minor surgical procedures, and explain the associated risks and benefits.

Education and Advice
The podiatrist will provide you with information and advice on self-care techniques, preventive measures, and lifestyle modifications to manage your condition effectively. They may offer guidance on proper foot hygiene, footwear selection, and strategies to minimize the risk of recurrence or further complications.

Questions and Concerns
Throughout the consultation, you are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification on any aspect of your condition or proposed treatment. The podiatrist will address your concerns and provide detailed explanations as needed.

Follow-up Plan
Before concluding the consultation, the podiatrist will discuss any necessary follow-up appointments or ongoing care requirements. We may suggest the frequency of visits, milestones for reassessment, or monitoring plans to track your progress.

Shockwave Therapy can only be administered following an initial consultation.  If you are a new patient, please schedule an initial consultation to review suitability, planning and scheduling shockwave therapy appointments.  Shockwave therapy is usually delivered every week, or every two weeks for 3-6 sessions.

Steroid or Hyaluronic Acid injection therapy can only be administered following an initial consultation.  If you are a new patient, please schedule an initial consultation to review suitability and planning for injection therapy

A Richie Brace is the gold-standard in custom Ankle Foot Orthoses bracing for various conditions such as “foot drop”.  This Richie Brace fee includes a full plaster of paris mould of your foot, 1 x Richie Brace, 1 x fitting appointment and 1 x follow-up appointment.

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