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AVIVA Private Medical Insurance

The Foot and Ankle Centre work with a number of major private medical insurance companies including Aviva.

What you need to know:
• While The Foot and Ankle Centre is happy to accept self-referrals, your insurance provider may require a GP/Consultant referral prior to attending.
• Contact AVIVA if you have any doubt regarding your policy coverage prior to attending. The Foot and Ankle Centre cannot speak to your insurance company on your behalf.
• In all cases through AVIVA, The Foot and Ankle Centre will bill your insurance company for each consultation. It is your responsibility to inform AVIVA prior to each consultation.
• If AVIVA fail to cover your consultation fee’s, The Foot and Ankle Centre will send you an invoice in the post to be paid within 30 days.

Things not covered
• Unfortunately, AVIVA do not cover dressings, medication or medical devices such as orthotics and splints. Your Podiatrist can discuss if self-pay fees apply.

Obtaining an Authorisation Code
• Please ensure that you gain a pre-authorisation number from your insurance company and understand how much your policy excess should be by calling AVIVA on 0800 068 3827.
• Find out your policy excess.
• Below we have given the Provider Numbers of our Podiatrists who are registered with Aviva, as well as the Procedure Codes that you will need to give them to obtain an authorisation code.
We strongly recommend that you request all of our Podiatrists be included on your authorisation code.

AVIVA Procedure codes for podiatrists

AVIVA initial consultation : No code required
AVIVA follow up consultation : No code required
AVIVA Gait analysis and biomechanical evaluation: No code required
AVIVA nail surgery : S7010
AVIVA shockwave therapy: T5780
AVIVA injection: W9040
AVIVA Local anaesthesia: AC100

Podiatrists provider numbers

Mr Joseph Olivelle : 600029812

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