Payment Options

If you are paying your own account then you will normally be required to make a payment at the time of treatment.  The centre accepts all major credit cards, cash and personal cheque with a banker's card.

If you are claiming from your health insurance you need  to contact them before you come to centre they may allocate a claim number for us and a claims form for you to hand over to the consultant for his signature. You may have limits on your policy, or excesses that you need to check first. It is vital that you confirm cover before you commit yourself to the bill. Full insurance details must be given to the centre registration staff at or before time of treatment for direct settlement. While the centre will invoice your insurance company, it is your responsibility to ensure that claims are processed promptly. Should insurer decline payment, you will be invoiced for immediate settlement.

Self funded packages are available, please enquire for more information.

Some insurers will not cover the cost of items such as medicines or crutches or splints, because they are classed as aides to mobility. The cost of which needs to be settled directly by yourself.

Insured Patients

As an insured patient, you can arrange your treatment to suit your needs, with no waiting lists and convenient appointment times. Arranging your treatment is very simple.

Check your insurance policy

You will need to contact your insurer before you come into centre for any treatment or service that you intend to claim for. They may have paperwork they need to give you to bring to your appointment, and you may have limits or excesses on your policy that you need to check out first. You must confirm that your treatment is covered before you make an appointment and you must obtain authorisation from your insurance company.

Get a referral

Most private medical treatments begin with a referral from your GP, and this may be a requirement of your policy. Simply visit your GP and ask them to refer you to the centre Your GP may charge a small fee for signing a claim form, which may not be covered by your policy.

Make an appointment

Call us to arrange to see one of our consultants at a time that is convenient for you. The consultant will provide a diagnosis and discuss treatment options if this is required. You should keep your insurance company up to date with this information to make sure that your policy covers all the investigations, diagnostics, scans, treatments that you may need.

To book an appointment with the consultant please call 0208 524 4516

What about the bill?

You must give full insurance details to the centre’s staff before your visit. Normally the insurance company will settle your account directly with us, but sometimes they may require you to pay the centre and the consultants yourself and then reimburse you. Your insurance company will tell you what to do.

Some insurers will not cover the cost of items such as medicines or crutches or splints, because they are classed as aides to mobility. The cost of which needs to be settled directly by yourself.

Please remember that, while the centre will invoice your insurance company directly, it is still your responsibility to make sure that claims are processed promptly. If your insurer declines payment, then you will need to pay the invoice yourself immediately.

No insurance? Self Pay

Is it expensive?

You won’t find a centre that offers such a high level of expertise. As a guide, an initial consultation to clarify your condition and discuss the best course of action could be as little as £65. Following this, if any treatment or surgery is required, we'll give you a firm quote so you know exactly what the total cost will be. Our prices are more affordable than you may think and very competitive. 

Will my consultant be there for my treatment?

Your consultant or specialist, an expert in your condition, will take personal responsibility for your care throughout your treatment.

Is there a waiting list?

We have no waiting lists. You’re free to choose  an appointment time that suits your lifestyle. We fit around your needs, and treatment decisions are put back into your hands.

Self-pay two-step process to treatment

1.Contact us to discuss your needs, including payment options for treatment and surgery.

2.You can then book an initial consultation directly with us at a time that suits your needs. We can also give you a competitive guide price at the time of booking for any follow-up treatments that may be needed. Same day and next day appointments are available.




Testimonial 1

I have been attending the  foot and ankle centre for ten years. Miss Gupta the chiropodist is outstanding as a practitioner. My only regret is that I did not attned much sooner. There is  always a prompt professional services and I have no hesitation in recommend this practice.

Dame Joan McVitte



Testimonial 2

Always recieve great treatment, pleasant staff and very accommodating

Judy Keith



Testimonial 3

Excellent all round treatment and facilities

J Hicks


Testimonial 4

I recently had bunion surgery and  am pleased to say that I am back to running. I can recommend the foot and ankle centre unreservedly

J. M

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Terms and Conditions

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